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    • PERRINN’s mission statement is “to accelerate the organisation of the world as a Team in which transparency, accessibility, collaboration prevail”

    • PERRINN has established an online platform (called PERRINN app) for the community to interact, collaborate and exchange ideas

    • PERRINN community uses the COIN as the digital currency to trade inside PERRINN app

    • PERRINN platform is a cutting edge service-oriented application (SOA) where people provide services to each other via a cloud platform. The platform allows a large community to manage skill set profiles, teams, organisations, and projects.

    • The platform helps people and businesses organise contacts in teams, communicate with family, friends and colleagues, build organisations, run projects, work remotely, find new collaborators, provide services to new projects, follow public teams.

    • Organisations use the platform to source financial and human resources from anywhere in the world, run projects and interact with collaborators.