The recent(ish) LinkedIn post about the launch of this very website has captured the imagination if the numbers are anything to go by.

What we’ve found incredibly encouraging about the response is the broad cross-section of people engaging with it including engineers, software developers, CEOs, IT consultants, sales managers, project managers, HR practitioners and graduates. There’s companies from Japan, China, Australia, UAE, South Africa, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, USA, Canada and Brazil all taking an interest…and that’s from one humble LinkedIn post.

Screenshot of 3D motion graphics from    Lehmann Kreativ

Screenshot of 3D motion graphics from Lehmann Kreativ

Why is that so noteworthy? Well, we want Project 424 to be a uniting force, transcending company departments and not simply the preserve of just engineering, or just marketing, or just recruitment or just design. When we are talking to potential project and brand partners, Project 424 will involve the entire organisation because it provides a unique platform for developing skills, products, people and the brand through shared involvement. As the quite brilliant John Lewis department store advert states “When you’re part of it, you put your heart into it”. Same applies here.

And it all starts with people. For Human Resource/People Services professionals, this project can attract talent and improve retention and motivation. For engineers of all types (mechanical, electrical, software, process, manufacturing) it opens up new possibilities to develop next generation electric vehicle and artificial intelligence technology as well as gaining new insights in the development of new products and expertise for team members and partners.

Photo by from Pexels

Photo by from Pexels

Then, there’s the awareness factor as businesses can utilise the project as a branding exercise. Project 424 plans to test and develop the car at race tracks in globally strategic markets in Europe, North America, China, Japan and the Middle East and all our brand partners will feature on the car’s livery. But it’s so much for than just a sticker on the car, as the project’s communication channels are always open and accessible and everything created as part of its development is shared and we want your business to reap the benefits. We’re now relying on you in Sales to get those new leads over the line…

The collective involvement and ownership also comes from the functionality within the platform where Project 424 – the genesis project for the platform – sits. This is where all communication happens and where anyone can follow. No more missed e-mails or forgetting to CC someone in on a critical piece of info…it’s all there in plain sight with the instant messaging and document transfer functionalities.

Our vision is to create a team where everyone involved can justifiably say they’ve contributed to achieving the ultimate goal. Judging by the response to our news on social media, we are confident that it will bring individuals, companies and the public together to share in the success.

Ian Tonkin

Melissa Karadimos