We’re loving the advancements in electric vehicle technology, specifically in the motorsport sector. You’ll have seen by now that VW has absolutely smashed the record for an electric car up the famed Pike Peak Hillclimb. Not only that, it destroyed the overall record by 15 seconds. That is just…wow.

Pikes Peak is a unique challenge not only because of the 156 turns, but mainly beciase of the altitude and huge elevation difference between start (9,000ft) and finish (14,100ft). The thin air has a detrimental effect on the performance of the internal combustion engine, but that’s not the case with battery EVs like the VW ID R. The instant torque fro the batteries and motors means the car can rocket out the corners and because there’s no need for oxygen in a combustion chamber, the car develops the same performance at sea level as it does at the top of Pikes Peak.

With Project 424, we’re harnessing battery electric power to develop faster, more durable and higher-performing systems just like VW is doing with its Pike Peak monster. We’ve seen the NIO EP9 smash the Nurburgring lap record too and this is just the beginning of the transition into fully electric cars breaking records and becoming more commonplace on our roads.

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Ian Tonkin

Melissa Karadimos