Haymarket Publishing’s Jim Holder has posted what we believe to be one of the most interesting observations and opinion pieces about the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

In his blog, Holder’s headline reads ‘The most impressive car at Goodwood Festival of Speed is electric’. Ok, you have my attention. Tell us more…

Image credit:  Autocar.co.uk

Image credit: Autocar.co.uk

He goes on to state that the NIO EP9 – a car that our very own founder Nic Perrin had the honour of overseeing the engineering and development of –  seemed to defy physics in the way it accelerated off the line with jaw-dropping speed.

We’re seeing cars like the NIO EP9 and the Rimac Concept_1 and Concept_2 setting new performance benchmarks when compared with the high-performance combustion (and mild hybrid) engine supercars we’ve been used to.

It was telling though, that for an experienced motorsport and automotive campaigner such as Holder, the most remarkable car at the festival was a zero-emission, near-silent hypercar. We’re seeing a revolution in the motorsport and automotive industry and we like to think that Project 424 is also breaking new ground in terms of vehicle design, engineering and performance. With our open access ethos, we’re bringing this technology to new audiences with the aim of, err, accelerating the longevity and durability of battery electric vehicles as well as autonomous technology as well.

The parting shot from Jim’s blog: “But I can say that as the field of remaining supercars rattled through [after the NIO EP9], every single one - even the race-bred examples- looked a bit old hat.”

High praise indeed!

Ian Tonkin

Melissa Karadimos