The recent news that the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance has signed a deal with Google to supply voice-activated tech, seamless connectivity and AI functions is pretty big news.

There's more and more examples of this happening already (I won't list them all here but have a browse of this FT article and you can start to see where this is all going). 


The convergence of different industries is tremendously exciting, especially in this specific context. For the tech giants, it provides, frankly unbelievably, them with another area for growth to ensure they are practically part of our entire fabric - even when we're now driving. 

For car makers, it provides a brilliant USP to market to potential customers as well and will give them a tremendous amount of data and insight into the habits of their customers and how their products are being used thanks to these tech giants' platforms. 

Since Project 424 was initially conceived back in 2011, the essence of it was, and still remains, to create a globally distributed team working towards a common goal to advance & accelerate technological development underpinning future mobility. 


Sure, it was originally going to be a petrol-hybrid machine, but it has demonstrated it moves with the times, is tremendously agile to the point where it has has evolved into what it is today: an all-electric race car with autonomous drive and machine learning. Did we mention all the designs are publicly accessible?? 

Furthermore, this project represents the convergence of motorsport, automotive and technology at the sharp-end of high-performance engineering. We will be harnessing cloud-based technologies, AI, data processing, automation, software security to develop this car and coupled with  the mechanical engineering aspect to deliver a racing car that will be the first of its kind.

Ian Tonkin

Melissa Karadimos