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project 424

Project 424 is the global showcase for the platform through the design, development and manufacturing of a unique machine using publicly accessible open-access designs. PERRINN as an organisation, was founded in 2011 by Nicolas Perrin a former Williams F1 track engineer and aerodynamicist, designer of multiple LMP1 World Endurance cars and mostly recently as an engineer for the NIO EP9 electric hypercar.

To build the world’s fastest electric and autonomous car will require a collective team effort and this project is unlike any other. Why is it ‘unlike any other project’ we hear you say? All the designs, vehicle architecture and ongoing developments are publicly accessible on the platform, with new developments made in real-time. For Project 424, the open access strategy enables people to copy, modify and re-use our design. More users of our design, means a radical reduction in start-up and development costs as Project 424 will continually involve to remain at the cutting edge of technology, design and performance.




Nic Perrin

Growing up in France, Nic's passion for engineering began after watching Formula One and racing go-karts at a very early age. He founded in 2011 and is the team leader on Project 424. When Nic is not updating the design of the car, he is enjoying the outdoors near his home in the Yorkshire Dales.

David Tomlinson

Based in Hamilton, New Zealand, David is an experienced campaigner in all the the commercial aspects of sport. He holds a BEng (Electrical) from Auckland University and a MBA from Rutgers University New Jersey.



Ian Tonkin

Originally hailing from South Africa, Ian is the team lead on communications and brand partnerships from his base in London. He's a closet plane spotter amongst his passions for the advanced engineering sectors in automotive and motorsport. He's always keen for a convivial chat on the 'Sponsorship and Comms' channel on  



  • Bespoke chassis based on FIA Le Mans Prototype (LMP1) regulations

  • Designed open access using cloud-based tools

  • Battery electric vehicle - LMP1 Compliant with FIA Safety Standards

  • Powered by three Formula E motors (One front, two rear)

  • Autonomous mode with machine learning

  • Technical Specification:

    • Weight: 1,110kg (500kg chassis & 600kg powertrain)

    • Four-Wheel-Drive

    • Battery: 55kwh, Centrally mounted with fast-charging capability

    • Length/Width: 5,000mm/2,000mm

    • Acceleration: 0-62mph in 2.0sec (est.)

    • Top speed: 220.5mph (355kph)

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